About Us

About us

We are a Bulgarian company that produces macarons and other sweets with different flavors that match with different choices. We stand for a trusting relationship with highly motivated partners, employees, and suppliers. Quality, great performance and an excellent service set us apart. Our customers benefit from our expertise and continuous innovation in the fields of product application and process technology.

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• In 1950, One Way started in a small family pastry shop in Zahle City in Lebanon.
• In 1975, “One-Way” brand was launched and a factory that is specialized in Ice- Cream and packed sweets production was established.
• In 2005, “One Way” became a well-known brand and spread its wings all over Lebanon.
• In 2007, The first SiBon pastry shop was opened, a luxurious pastry shop offering cakes, Arabic sweets, French pastries, ice-cream and many more, in Dekwaneh City, Lebanon.
• From 2007 to 2023, six more locations were opened, and the chain of stores is anticipated to continue expanding across Lebanon, the Middle East, and the rest of the world.

MJ Catering
• In 1997, MJ Catering was founded in the city of Sofia.
• Between 1997 and 2002, MJ Catering was developing its French recipes to provide catering services with the idea of fulfilling a wide variety of customer needs starting from cakes, pastes, ice cream and confectionery.
• In 2002, a completely new and functionally designed material base was created, including the design, construction and implementation of the largest possible number of equipment and systems to guarantee and maintain the quality improvement.
• From 2002 till 2012, MJ Catering was working on developing, unifying and automating its products to reach the international markets and to meet the European norms, standards and requirements.
• In 2012. the production of French macarons begins, which are made according to specially selected original French recipes from products of natural origin.

JR Industry
• In 2022, JR Industry is created from the merger of two successful companies specializing in the sweets industry.
• In 2023, after a year of studies and research, JR Industry installed its first fully automated Macaron production line. Taking advantage of the culinary expertise, different culture, success and creativity of both companies, JR Industry will thrive to reach the international market.

Mission & Vision

We are committed to delivering products of impeccable and incomparable quality, set apart by lasting originality that differentiates our concept from other brands. In support of this vision that defines our brand, we have decided to adopt a systematic quality policy based on international standards for production processes and customer service protocols.
Our commitment to quality management systems encompasses safety of production sites and packaging areas, personal hygiene, equipment and raw materials, development of recipes and processes as well as a well-established training and management infrastructures.
Through this regimented and structured approach, we are able to offer products that truly reflect our vision, with a commitment to delivering perfect service in addition to our perpetual promise to maintain the total satisfaction of our growing business.